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Labels in the Pharmaceutical Industry: The Guna Project

Today we're talking to you about this project related to labels for SPharmaceutical sector: a project compelling in a sector experiencing strong and constant growth.

The use of labels for medicines and in general all products that fall within this scope, require particular attention, as the improper use of these products can be dangerous for your health._11100000-0000-0000- 0000-000000000111_

The customer

Guna is the most important Italian company in the sector of production and distribution of "low-dose" drugs.

The company carries out constant Research and Development activity, producing food supplements of innovative conception, thanks precisely to the continuous research of the laboratories.

It also distributes medicines and supplements from the most prestigious foreign companies.

The quality of the products is guaranteed with GMP certification< /strong> (Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate< span style="color: #222222;">). Guna manufactures its products based on the highest quality standards, scrupulously adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices and using the most cutting-edge technologies at their production plant.

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The Project

Specifically, we were contacted by the customer to create the product labels Omeogrphi Guna, un homeopathic medicine for the treatment of flu and cold syndromes.

Going into detail, we aensured the presence of the label on the product during application.

In fact, when it comes to products belonging to the Pharmaceutical / Parapharmaceutical sector, it is essential to be sure to label and therefore identify all the bottles.

In fact, having an unidentified product is not a tolerable situation, as the improper use of these products can be particularly dangerous for health. 

To guarantee this process, Alkam treats the labels with a special paint, which is activated with specific ultraviolet frequencies emitted by a device which, in this way, verifies its presence.

If the label is missing on the product, this system automatically discards the non-compliant bottle, eliminating the risk of marketing a product without the mandatory legal indications.

Guarantee seal

We have also worked on theintegrity of the product: to ensure that the bottle is intact and not tampered with, the label is applied straddling between the cap and bottle, just like a security seal.

Thanks to the presence of a knurling, the first time you open the package, you get a controlled breakage, thus highlighting that the product is no longer intact.

The result is below, what do you think?



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