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Food labels

Printing of self-adhesive food labels for different sectors: pasta factories, delicatessen factories, preserves, agri-food, fruit and vegetables.

Examples of printed food labels:

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food labels

We print a wide range of food labels, used in product packaging, both for primary packaging (e.g. label for pasta packaging, labels for honey jars, labels for glass jar, etc.) and elements to support use, such as open and close labels.

Labels for food products: the importance of material choice

To obtain a finished product that can be used by the consumer, different materials and labels must be chosen depending on the food that will be labelled, for this reason, we provide several possible solutions for your food products:

  • main labels for packages made of plastic, paper and glass, including jars of all shapes and sizes

  • dynamic labels for tracking products with barcode, QR code or progressive codes

  • labels with variable graphics, that is, with variants of a main subject (useful, for example, for special or seasonal editions or for timed promotions)

  • open and close labels for packages 

  • Stick-on and stick-off labels for promotional campaigns or scratch off labels (always for the same use)

We have gained experience in various sectors (pasta factories, meat processing, beekeeping, fruit and vegetables, etc.) which allow us to advise each customer on the most suitable materials and finishes for use. This flexibility also allows you to print labels that must adhere to special materials or in particular conditions (e.g. pasteurization or frozen foods) and are obviously suitable for food contact with low migration inks and certified or ecological materials.

Food Labels: Application Examples


We print customized ada adhesive labels to the packaging of food products. It's possible to choose  the format, the material, the number of rolls and the Print orientation according to your needs. Excellent for creating labels for jam and honey jars, for pasta and rice packages and in general for the entire food sector when the label is not in direct contact with the food.

Print Food Labels for Jars


Personalized honey jar labels put the finishing touches on a magnificent collection.

Remember that if you are creating labels for honey, they must include: your brand, ingredients, net quantity (weight not volume), production and expiry dates, country of origin or place of provenance, address. This information is set out in the Food Information Regulations 2014. ​ Many customers who produce honey decide to also add the seal label for the lid, as it protects your jars from any tampering. The seal labels are made so that they can break when the jar is opened.

Labels for pasta factories

Alkam offers specially designed self-adhesive labelsdesigned for pasta factoriesAndcompletely customizable in terms of finishes, shapes and dimensions. All labels produced can come into contact with food without posing any risk to human health.

The paints and adhesives used, in fact, do not alter the products and guarantee excellent colors that add style to even the simplest and cheapest packaging, such as cardboard boxes or paper bags. The most modern techniques and latest generation machines used by Alkam for printing labels for pasta factories meet the high quality standards that have always characterized the company and successfully respond to all the technical and stylistic needs of customers. Alkam self-adhesive labels are highly waterproof and resistant, so they are not afraid of water, humidity or oil. They can also be used for packaging that must be stored in cold storage without losing effectiveness and maintaining perfect adhesion to the support. Food labels are a fundamental means of communication which, in addition to giving you the opportunity to personalize your packaging, will also help you promote your business by letting everyone know where the delicacies served during a dinner, a conference or a buffet were purchased. or an event.

Ennobling Food Labels

Food products often require a graphic update of the packaging: it is necessary for various reasons: line extensions, logo update, product update or search for a different price positioningnt.


We help our customers carry out a complete restyling of their product labels.

An example is the realization of this project relating to the printing of food labels. Specifically, we created a quality label, printed on coated paper, with glossy embossed register paint. Through screen printing, more accentuated tactile and visual effects have been created to give the consumer a unique touch & feel experience! The print finishing process also involves the choice of fine finishes. In this way we have differentiated the packaging from the competition, encouraging choice on the shelf.

The different types of labels in the food sector

esempio di stampa di etichette industriali con codice a barre

Promotional labels

Promotional labeling and packaging are among the last steps to be taken before the product ends up at the point of sale.

esempio di stampa di etichette industriali con codice a barre

Multipage labels

Multi-page labels: maintain tackiness while reducing thickness

esempio di stampa di etichette industriali con codice a barre

Anti-counterfeiting labels

Protect the quality of your products with anti-counterfeiting labels.

esempio di stampa di etichette industriali con codice a barre

Open and Close labels

Customized open and close applicable to any type of surface and with different degrees of stickiness.

esempio di stampa di etichette industriali con codice a barre

Durable labels

Durable labels, able to withstand the elements without peeling off the product.

esempio di stampa di etichette industriali con codice a barre

Braille labels

With Braille Labels you expand your world of products even to those who are visually impaired.

esempio di stampa di etichette industriali con codice a barre

Honey labels

Honey labels

esempio di stampa di etichette industriali con codice a barre

Security seals

Safety seals allow you to quickly check whether a product is contaminated.

esempio di stampa di etichette industriali con codice a barre

Tamper-evident labels

Protect your products with tamper-evident labels.

esempio di stampa di etichette industriali con codice a barre

Oil labels

Customizable oil labels.

  • What is the UFI code to show on the label?
    The unique formula identifier, known by the acronym UFI, is a code that will be mandatory to indicate on the label of products that contain a dangerous mixture (even in minimal quantities).
  • What information should you include on a cosmetic product label?
    Company information (name, logo, etc.), Product function, Expiry date of the product after opening the package (with related symbols), Indications for using the product and any precautions List of ingredients, Weight or volume, Name, company name and address of the person responsible, Manufacturing batch number, Country of origin (non-EU countries).
  • Is there any mandatory information to include?
    yes, you must include: company info, product quantity, list of ingredients, expiry date. We have written an article that explains all the regulations on cosmetic labeling, if you want to know more click here.
  • What are the ideal materials for printing product labeling by industry?
    According to the law, the materials used must guarantee the safety of those who use them. Choosing the most suitable material for printing your labels is essential to obtain the desired result. ​Depending on the shape of the support, the type of application, the type of product in question, thanks to our experience in the sector we are able to recommend the most suitable materials compared to others. Here are some materials that can be used in the various sectors: ​ White coated paper A bright, glossy alternative to white paper. ​ Ipanema paper resistant to oil and water Waterproof and resistant paper even on the edges. Suitable for liquid products or where storage in humid places is required. ​ Glossy white polypropylene Polypropylene is versatile, economical and resistant, making it possible to create labels for plastic, paper, glass and metal products. Resistant to humidity and suitable for the chemical sector. ​ Transparent polypropylene Versatile and adaptable like white polypropylene. It is often used for printing labels intended for transparent packages and bottles because it makes it possible to see the contents.
  • What materials do you use for your eco-friendly labels?
    We use eco-sustainable materials such as recycled paper, paper from sustainable sources, bioplastic, compostable film and other biodegradable materials.
  • How do you produce your labels to reduce your environmental impact?
    We use technologies such as digital printing, inkjet printing and flexographic printing to reduce the use of toxic inks and solvents. Furthermore, we use renewable energy during production.
  • Do you comply with global regulations on packaging sustainability? If so, how do you keep up with these regulations
    At Alkam we comply with all regulations on packaging sustainability by constantly training ourselves on the latest laws in force.

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