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Multi-sector industrial label company printing labels for your products

Why to choose us as your label company:

We print self-adhesive labels for different sectors, with all printing technologies currently available and with flexible print runs.

For you this means having a versatile label maker available that you already have encountered and solved practically all the most common printing and application problems, so much so that we can offer a free consultancy service for optimization of self-adhesive label printing (also printed by other companies).

Our philosophy is to give you sincere technical support, always aimed at your interest in the long term to guarantee a supply free from delays or non-compliance.​

The projects we worked on

To show you how we work we have selected some printing projects in different sectors in which we talk about our way of creating your packaging, but not only that: we publish regularly industry e-books and we organize in-depth webinars on the world of labels (if you don't want to miss the next ones you can sign up for our newsletter).

The reasons why you should choose us

What really sets us apart are our people 3 cornerstores to guarantee the customer's production continuity and maximum printing optimization: 

3 Motivi
industrial label factory with free label control

Free check of waste in printing and application.

print self-adhesive labels with guarantee

Guaranteed safe supplier change: print guarantee.

ISO 9001 certified label manufacturer

Certifications of product and process.


Sectors in which we operate:


The label is the first visual element that the end customer notices, which is why they are the key element that enhances your product.

We are a historic label company and we have been dealing with multi-sector label printing for decades.

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Your label supplier 

industrial label factory example of printing machines

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Our latest news


You'll never hear us say "It can not be done": Our mission is to solve your problems

Zero delays, zero difficulties in the transition: our goal is your production continuity with maximum graphic performance.

Alkam is aindustrial label factory with 30 years of multi-sector experience indigital print, off-set, flexo and screen printing.

Think of a label, we make it

Proactive, reactive and competitive: the 3 adjectives that characterize our love for labels.

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