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Print multi-format adhesive labels for Italwax: cosmetics for organic hair removal

Cosmetic project for italwax

Today we are talking to you about this project relating to labels for the cosmetics sector: a project compelling in a rapidly expanding sector, also and above all in the demand for eco-sustainable packaging (if you are interested in this topic, here is a training video for you)

The customer

Italwax is a company specialized in the creation and production of professional cosmetic products for bio-epilation, exported all over the world.

The company carries out constant R&D activity to create innovative products, following the classic Italian formulas and the most modern ones, all tested in its internal laboratory and under the strict supervision of the managers of quality.

Italwax has set up the laboratory with the most modern German and Italian equipment to keep the quality of the natural and organic raw materials used in the production process intact.

Within the factory it is possible to find various automatic lines for the production of the entire range of hair removal products:

· packaging line in wax cartridges with simultaneous labeling

· production and packaging line of hot film waxes in tablets, granules and shaped forms

· packaging line of the final product in any weight, in bags and boxes

· production and bottling line for pre and post hair removal lotions

· paraffin production and packaging line

All Italwax waxes have a high adhesive capacity (which allows the hair to remain trapped in the wax) which makes the hair removal procedure more effective, faster and safer.

The line was created taking into account the different preferences of beauty professionals. In this way, each specialist will be able to create their own set of products, from skin preparation to the final stage of the hair removal procedure.

Since 2018, the quality of the products has been guaranteed with GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate). The company uses only high quality raw materials. Highly precise tests, responsible attitude and compliance with EU regulations allow us to create one of the best hair removal products in the world.

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The project

We have been collaborating with Alkam since 2014. We chose Alkam for the professionalism and reliability demonstrated right from the start, after having evaluated and tested numerous printers of self-adhesive labels on rolls and examined various packaging proposals.

We needed a supplier who could support us in the choices of materials, adhesives and printing techniques, who was able to respect the fast delivery times required and who provided a high quality product .

Multi format range

We helped the customer optimize formats and dimensions for the different products, very quickly for the launch of the line.

The marketing objective was to maintain the family feeling of the product range within the variety of containers and formats (and therefore packaging lines).

The result is below, what do you think?



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