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Case Study food packaging and green labels

Today we're talking to you about this project related to labels for the food sector, specifically in the savory snacks sector.

The attention to the use of green and eco-sustainable materials is constantly increasing and even the big brands have been pursuing the objective of for years >reduce their environmental impact: let's go into detail about the type of customer, the development of the project and finally the result we obtained.

The customer

The company in question is one of the most important players in the global food market. In all these years the organization has expanded to reach 180 countries throughout the world world, committing itself to offering its public healthy foods and quality raw materials.

His promise

To date, the company is responsibly committed to giving the best to its consumers, ensuring the lowest environmental impact thanks to the use of sustainable practices from harvest to packaging: the 97% of their packaging is certified sustainable and comes from recycled sources.

This company has announced the expansion of its global sustainability goals to include the use of fully reusable, recyclable or compostable by the end of 2025.

The project

In line with the environmental objectives pursued for years, the company in question has decided to launch a new aluminum packaging on the market, which embodies its ideals of sustainability and environmental protection.

We therefore created a personalized label that could keep the composition of the pack unchanged.

Our R&D department has carried out continuous tests with different materials, until identifying an aluminium adhesive material capable of accepting printing and subsequently withstanding the application and shelf life of the packaging.

We made this choice because we believe it is the most suitable for application on curved surfaces thanks to its extreme flexibility, in fact its synthetic composition makes it resistant to chemical agents, abrasions, atmospheric agents as well as tears.

Using a particular technique, the label has been personalized to meet the customer's needs, giving it the right uniqueness, for an innovative and quality product.

This vision obtained with the right graphic design serves to strengthen the green and eco-sustainable values transmitted by the Brand with a one-of-a-kind design.



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