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print self-adhesive labels

Print self-adhesive labels on rolls with a focus on sustainability.

“Green transformation” can be a strong marketing stimulus, and we can help you make it real too

print self-adhesive labels
print self-adhesive labels

Alkam immediately participated in testing and then providing labels with eco-sustainable materials.


We have worked with recycled materials, coming from alternative sources and we have given the possibility to implement chain of custody certifications, to guarantee the origin of the raw material.


Never before has the motivation to create a sustainable future for the Earth, our future generations and ourselves been as strong as it is now. Consumers are increasingly careful about what they buy, are increasingly aware of the packaging of the products they add to the shopping cart and the impact these have on the environment.


A chain is therefore born, where the first to take these choices and consumption habits into consideration are the suppliers, consequently turning towards eco-sustainability.


Green represents in all respects a great opportunity to differentiate yourself, obtaining excellent results in terms of materials, finishes and printing, drastically reducing the environmental impact. The revolution starts from you!

How we guarantee your production continuity

In ​30 years of activity we have experienced and guided the technological changes in our sector, developing a promise towards our customers which is expressed in the following 3 points:

  • print the label with the best use/cost ratio based on the actual application and its life cycle thanks to the labeling check

  • carry out a change of label factory "problem free" thanks to preliminary print runs and tests included in the supply to guarantee a priori that the labels we print are identical to those you have always used in every way (thus avoiding discrepancies that can cause confusion for operators and customers)

  • guarantee your production continuity by reducing to zero the possibility of printing or application errors that block your production and logistics


For this reason we like to define ourselves as "problem solvers": the packaging or the application of labels always cause unexpected events, but in 30 years of experience we have learned to manage them in the best possible way so as to never leave you stranded.  

Our sales office is also able to suggest production changes in format and materials to help you optimize labeling costs. 


Printing technologies

Our latest generation machine park allows us to print in off-set, screen printing, digital printing, flexography and hot stamping.


We are ready to take up the challenge, contact us!

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