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The Braille Code on labels

Updated: Jan 19

The Braille code is a raised writing system created for the blind in the nineteenth century. Until the beginning of the new millennium it was neglected by the consumer market, but in recent years, thanks to the appropriate pressure from ethical associations and European directives, several products feature braille writing.< /p>

Moving into specifics, Braille labels are very widespread for food and pharmaceutical products or where the presence of other important information on the packaging is required.

The writing on the labels is created using silkscreen. Thanks to a specially built frame, a particular paint is printed, thus managing a high ink deposit. After passing under the drying lamp, the braille relief is obtained.

Tactile danger triangle

The same goes for the tactile danger triangle< span style="color: textColor0;">, which must comply with specifications in terms of thickness and size.

Specifically, it can be applied in line, on the external packaging or directly on the container.

The tactile danger triangle is regulated by law UNI EN ISO 11683:1999.

The standard specifies the requirements for a tactile danger warning on packaging containing certain dangerous substances and preparations.

A legitimate right for all

Given data in hand, in Italy there are approximately over one and a half million blind and visually impaired consumers, who today when they purchase a product cannot (always) do so with awareness.

The purpose of braille labels is to offer the opportunity, even to those who cannot see, to be able to choose what to buy guaranteeing them the possibility of shopping in full autonomy thanks to the embossed transcriptions: not only of the name of the product, but also of the brand, the expiry date, and in general all the danger indications.

In conclusion

Alkam creates labels with this special type of writing for all sectors that have shown sensitivity to the topic over time: wine, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical, where it is mandatory to display the danger symbol in Braille< /strong>.

Below you can find some of our creations.



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