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Personalizing the product through the label: the project for Ceres

Today we're talking to you about this project relating to beer labels: a compelling and equally fascinating project, in a very competitive sector.

In 2020, approximately 32 billion liters of alcoholic beer were produced in the EU, as well as 1.4 billion liters of "non-alcoholic" beer or beer with an alcohol content of less than 0.5% .

Now let's go into detail about the type of customer, the development of the project and finally the result we obtained.

The customer

Ceres is a well-known company founded in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1856. A well-known brand in the world of drinks and especially in the world of beers, it has a huge and unique product portfolio.

This is where we want to focus.

Ceres is present on Italian territory with approximately 2.7% share, and is the seventh best-selling beer in the rankings in Italy.

Regardless of the product, the company stands out from its competitors for the management of online communication, effectively representing one of the brands with the best social strategy of the entire Italian panorama.

The project

We were contacted by the company to create a unique and very particular label for an event dedicated to the community.

As mentioned earlier, the brand has stood out for the originality with which it has always interacted with the market. In fact, Ceres is particularly active on media channels, taking special care of the relationship with the user, effectively increasing brand awareness and engagement.

For this specific reason, this event was created, capable of transporting people close to values from the online to the offline world corporate.

The focus was to allow an artist to be able to personalize beer bottle labels through their own creativity.

Through our R&D department we have carried out numerous tests with different materials to understand which was the most suitable for customizing the ;label.

After this strategic phase, we opted for a black PVC label so that it would not create conflicts during customization.



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