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Enhance the cosmetic product through the label: the project for ATAR22

In the cosmetics sector it is essential to analyze the role of the label that is applied to the product. Bottles, jars or tubes require specific labelling, for this reason today we want to talk to you about a project we have created.

The customer

ATAR22 is a company that caters vertically to the professional beauty market and is present in over 25 countries, in more than 3000 beauty centers.

The strategic vision, combined with a constant research and development activity, has allowed the company to introduce innovative product lines dedicated to beauty salons.

Among these we find for example Perfume Anthology, a refined collection of scented candles and room diffusers, customizable according to different needs.

The project

Precisely for this specific product, we were contacted by ATAR22 to design and create labels that met certain needs.

You must know, what technical aspects such as resistance to humidity, chemical substances and oily, or the capacity of the self-adhesive label of do not cause wrinkles and detachments, they are of fundamental importance in the cosmetic sector.

The company's need was to enhance your product through the design of the label, maintaining high resistance to the external factors we listed previously.

In synergy with the customer we therefore designed and subsequently created a label with a matt lamination, with a touch effect and a glossy silk-screen varnish in relief.

In this way, the combination of resistant material and a very visually impactful finish, we were able to convey a high profile connotation to the product.

You can find the result below, what do you think?



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