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Creation of biodegradable packaging for Orsero

case study orsero


In today's article we will see a case study of one of our client companies: Orsero.

We are talking about a leading group in the Italian agri-food sector, specialized in the distribution of fruit and vegetables.

Orsero decided to rely on our company to develop a biodegradable label suitable for its products. The objective was to create a product that was made with innovative materials, biodegradable and suitable for composting, in line with the growing needs of consumers who are increasingly attentive to environmental issues. environment.

The company has chosen to use single-material packaging to simplify the disposal process and make it easier for consumers to correctly manage waste.

Find out how we created their packaging.

What did our customer ask us?

Orsero is a company that is committed to distributing fresh and natural foods. With increasing attention from consumers towards eco-friendly products, the company has decided to review its approach to packaging to reduce the environmental impact of its products .

The request was therefore to create a new label suitable for the products with the aim of improving the circularity of the F.lli Orsero packaging.


The main purpose of the case study is to present the development process of Orsero's biodegradable mono-material packaging, emphasizing the use of biodegradable materials (including glue which can be disposed of in wastewater) and the innovative technology used.

The objectives we set ourselves in this project were:

  • Develop packaging made with biodegradable and certified materials for composting.

  • Use single-material packaging to simplify the disposal process.

  • Ensure that the labeling of the products complies with the specifications requested by the customer.

Project description:

We proposed to the customer some materials that we considered most suitable for their product and for the requests made.

After evaluating several options, Orsero took into consideration factors such as:

  • biodegradability,

  • resistance

  • food safety.

Having carried out tests and evaluations, a biodegradable material was selected that met all the required requirements.

Below you can find some photographs of the completed project.


Thanks to this project, Alkam has created a biodegradable label that complies with the required sustainability standards. The single material, in fact, simplifies the waste disposal process, without compromising the composting process.

This also facilitates the orientation of the consumer who is increasingly attentive to environmental impacts and is facilitated in the correct management of waste.


The implementation of biodegradable packaging has allowed Orsero to respond to the growing demands of environmentally conscious consumers. By collaborating with our company, the company has developed a more circular solution that integrates perfectly with its values and objectives. The adoption of single-material packaging simplified the disposal process for consumers, while the label with biodegradable material ensured that all the packaging could be disposed of in the waste bin in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Once again, Alkam is a company that keeps up with the times and pays attention to customer requests!



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