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Cast gold labels: the project for Nails & Beauty

Today we are talking to you about this project relating to labels for cosme sectortico: a project that presents unique characteristics , combining graphic rendering with physical needs.

Now let's go into detail about the type of customer, the development of the project and finally the result obtained.

The customer

Nails & Beauty is an Italian company specialized in the design, production and distribution of cosmetic items.

Founded in 2008, it represents a point of reference for the end market, for professionalism and innovation.

The research and development laboratory is the heart of the company: it is precisely here that the experts dedicate themselves to the study of raw materials for the creation of new cosmetic formulations and textures, all thanks to constantly evolving know-how and the cutting-edge equipment with which they are equipped.

The project

In the world of cosmetics, labels represent a fundamental asset for marketing and outline the first element of contact between user and product. As such, they bring together expectations, perceptions and functions.

Returning to the developments of the project, the customer's initial need was to give a luxury look to identify the premium line of their nail polishes.

Our R&D department carried out continuous tests with different materials and printing techniques, until the final choice of a relief effect with gold and silver foil.

By combining hot stamping with relief silk-screen printing we have obtained a one-of-a-kind result, with a brilliant color and a three-dimensional connotation.

The result of the cast gold labels is below, what do you think?



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