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Cannonau Riserva Su Mère de Un Mare di Vino label

example of a wine label with fedrigoni art convert paper

Cannonau is one of the greatest wine expressions of Sardinia, especially if we are talking about a "Riserva" wine.

To dress the "Cannonau Riserva di Un Mare di Vino (Azienda Agricola Sini)" we used the special papers of Fedrigoni Arconvert, with which we collaborate to enhance the bottle in these special projects.

In this specific case the challenge was to convey the intense black, typical of this robust wine, even before tasting.

Choosing the right paper for the Total Black Look

For this reason, Tintoretto Black Pepper paper was chosen: a black-based paper, with an intense colour, which allows for the absence of the white border of the die-cutting which it could extinguish the communicative power of the packaging.

The preciousness of the packaging is finally completed by the hot gold printing and the elegant use of silk-screen printing for the transparent relief effect on the repetition of the name of the wine, Su Mère, which recalls the movement of the waves of the Sardinian sea:



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