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Removable and partially removable labels: the Galbani Case Study



Companies operating in the food sector may need to apply a removable or partially removable label on their products, to offer a discount voucher or to communicate promotional initiatives and competitions.

Today we talk to you about the experience with our client Galbani and the support provided in two different promotional initiatives.

The added value offered to the customer

The Galbani brand needs no introduction: its motto Galbani means trust is one of the best known and remembered by all consumers.

The bond of trust is also found in Galbani's relationship with the our label factory: the availability of all printing technologies allows us to offer added value and the customer knows he can count on us for every printing need, even for a limited time, as in the case of the promotional initiatives we are about to talk about.

Contest coupon: partially removable labels

For an initiative linked to a prize competition, partially removable promotional labels.

By lifting the first layer, on the second the consumer finds a unique alphanumeric code that must be entered into a form, together with the data of the purchase document and his personal data, to be able take part in the contest.

The internal side of the first layer contains the competition rules and the validity of the initiative.

Here is an example image:

Galbani partially removable labels

And the scheme with which it was designed and created:

Technical aspects of printing

In the case of competition coupons, the technical challenge mainly concerns the printing of a defined number of alphanumeric codes, one different from the other, provided by the customer.

Discount coupons: removable non-adhesive labels

For a promotional initiative linked to the distribution of discount vouchers, removable labels were created.

By lifting and peeling off the first layer, the consumer obtains the discount voucher to use for the next purchase, with some useful information, the regulations and the expiry date.

On the second layer that remains on the packaging you can add details related to the initiative or other participating products.

Here is an example image:

Galbani removable labels

And the scheme with which it was designed and created:

removable labels

Technical aspects of printing

In the case of discount vouchers, since it is a removable label which must then be delivered to the cashier or scanned through the barcode reader for self-shopping customers, the challenge the technique instead concerns the creation of a first layer that is removable and non-adhesive, to prevent it from sticking to the customer's wallet or to the cashier's drawer.

At the same time, the first layer must remain firmly on the product, to avoid it coming off inadvertently before its removal by the customer.

Promotional labels can support companies in communicating an initiative, a competition or a discount voucher, because they have a strong visual impact and help communicate information necessary for the consumer.

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