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Packaging: new solutions to reduce waste

The reduction of waste and waste represents one of the greatest economic and industrial challenges. Companies, driven by the purchasing behavior of consumers, governments and institutions, are reviewing the production processes and composition of their packaging with the aim of reducing resource consumption and waste.

The problem of excess packaging is a global phenomenon.

With the growth in consumption, the packaging used and, consequently, the packaging to be disposed of have also increased.

In a circular economy logic: the< strong> its design must therefore be rethought at all levels, as is partly already happening, to avoid waste and unnecessary use of materials that are particularly difficult to break down and recycle.

Just think that every year Europeans generate < strong>25 million tons of plastic waste, but less than 30% is collected for recycling.

Alkam and respect for the environment

Respect for the environment and actions aimed at generating a minimum environmental impact have great value for our company, so much so that we have created a team dedicated to research into new materials and new solutions to guarantee sustainable labelling.

The choice of ecological printing sends a clear and precise message: respect and attention for the environment and for future. We have worked with recycled materials, coming from alternative sources and we have given the possibility of implementing < strong>chain of custody certifications, to guarantee the origin of the raw material.

We are committed every day to ensuring that environmental sustainability is part of our working process and we strongly believe that it is not only a responsibility, but an added value . All aspects of our business are monitored to control the use of resources and waste, with an eye always aimed at progress and continuous improvement.

Core Linerless Solutions®

Liner waste has always been seen by the industry as an inevitable consequence.

After a few years of research, Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives has developed Core Linerless Solutions®, capable of transforming the liner from production waste into a usable resource, without creating any matrix waste to be disposed of.

DTL Direct Thermal Linerless

Another solution introduced in Alkam, to encourage the development of a sustainable circular economy, is a linerless paper in roll developed for direct thermal printing which combines characteristics of the highest qualityand an excellent cost-benefit ratio, called DTL.

These solutions are used for labeling retail products, food scales, warehouse and logistics products, and for printing from portable devices (mobile printing).

One of the main advantages is the consumption of materials.

Each roll in fact uses fewer materials: the smaller thickness and the elimination of liners and matrices to be disposed of allow for more sustainable labels and help reduce waste along the entire supply chain .

In conclusion

We are always very attentive and proactive when it comes to environmental issues, a cause that is very close to our hearts.

We always try to introduce materials and solutions that maintain the same graphic performance, but have less impact on the environment around us.

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