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Packaging Green: Here is the Amber Grigia Case Study

Today we talk about the project created for Ambra Grigia, a cosmesi brand which has decided to make its packaging green (if you don't know why you should make your packaging green watch this video< /a>), using low environmental impact packaging for their natural fragrances.

Although the creativity of the line had already been confirmed, the customer decided to give a strong Green imprint to the packaging.

After a careful analysis of the < span style="color: textColor2;">green materials that can be used, the choice fell on the 100% Recycled PE.

ecological cosmetic packaging

The challenge was to be able to keep the customer's graphic choice unchanged , in order to respect the

project that had already been approved.

By using 100% recycled PE we were able to keep the aesthetics of the product unchanged

using both the white material and the transparent variant, thus covering the entire line.

The 100% PE gave the customer excellent results even in application, allowing to maintain

the labeling parameters of the filling machines remain unchanged, avoiding slowdowns in


The choice of ecological material, in addition to reducing the environmental impact, has a clear and precise message: respect and attention for the environment and for the future.

Alkam offers various green solutions, adaptable to your business, if you also want to delve deeper into this topic and want to receive a free sample, justclick here.



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