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Ensuring label integrity: Dental Floss project

Today we're talking to you about this very interesting project, relating to the production of labels for dental floss.

Now let's go into detail about the type of market, the development of the project and finally the result we obtained.

The customer

ProfiMed is the main European manufacturer of dental floss reels and has been operating in the sector for around thirty years, establishing itself as a market leader.

The threads they produce are present in large international distribution, the company also collaborates with important brands of large international distribution chains.

The company carries out constant R&D activity to create innovative products, following formulas tested in its internal laboratory and under the strict supervision of quality managers.

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The Project

We were contacted by the customer to create labels for dental floss.

Despite being a small product, we have managed, through our technologies, to carry out high quality digital printing.

After carrying out various tests, we guaranteed the label excellent resistance to abrasion and long-lasting application.

Since this is a product widely used in the home, it is very important to guarantee the integrity of the label, so that the brand is easily recognisable.

The result is below, what do you think?



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