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Between ideas and fun: exceptional results with limited budgets. The Heretic Beer Project


In the beer sector, the label you choose to use is of extreme importance.

We have already covered the regulations in force in this field. However, the same importance is given to the creativity that can be generated while respecting them. For this reason we have decided to present you a project created last year.

The customer

The Birra Eretica brewery was born in 2011 from the union of a group of friends united by a passion for barley and hops, Luciano Parolini, Paolo Piazza and Ilario Limonta.

The plant, located in Ornago (Brianzola, in the province of Monza) is a mashing compartment with a capacity of 12 hectoliters per single batch; an average annual production of around 550 hectolitres.

The beers are typical of the traditional German repertoire, but the range also includes Belgian and British inspirations.

The project

We were contacted by Birra Eretica to create specific and innovative labels.

The company's need was to enhance the product through a particular design of the labels, without however incurring unsustainable costs.

After a series of evaluations with the customer, we opted for a' standard label with a matte plasticized finish and a glossy silk-screen varnish.

Several variations have been created depending on the type of beer, while maintaining as a common thread the presence of paintings by a well-known painter from Brianza: Elio Nava.

The contrast that we wanted to generate between the images of the painter and the black background gives the labels a particularity and elegance never seen before.

This project demonstrates how, by discussing and collaborating, there is the possibility with us, even for small or medium-sized producers, to achieve incredible results without investing too high budgets.

The result can be found below. What do you think?



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