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Our social commitment

At Alkam we are committed to supporting and giving our contribution to the community by supporting initiatives close to our hearts and non-profit organizations.

Discover our social commitment.

think further

Alkam: alongside the community

Foundation Pensare Oltre

The cultural foundation Thinking Beyond supports the children of today, i.e. the adults of tomorrow. They are, in fact, the future of our society and this  association aims to protect and support them,  if they are affected by different forms of disorders. 

The Pensare Oltre initiative is a concrete and effective expression of that fundamental help that every individual, starting from childhood and  in his training, he deserves to receive in order to fully realize his individual potential. 

We at Alkam are proud to be partners and to have supported such a precious reality as the for several years La fondazione Pensare Oltre. 

We invest in the future

"Today's children are tomorrow's civilization.

It's time to THINK further"

Because it doesn't happen

The cultural campaign Why It Doesn't Happen aims to change the erroneous tendency to arbitrarily identify unusual behaviors and difficulties
human such as diseases or disorders.
It therefore aims to provide broad and detailed cultural information on the delicate issue of children which, on the basis of scientific assumptions  non-existent, are considered to be affected by the new syndrome of US origin called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or from other alleged disorders
of learning, a clear example of a cultural degeneration that leads to passively accepting as science that which does not conform to its criteria.
The campaign aims to provide the tools to evaluate in an informed and responsible manner whether or not some behaviors are specific diseases e proposes a vision of the individual that expresses a praise of difference and also an appreciation of infinite human complexity.
Why It Doesn't Happen focuses on a positive and proactive assumption by supporting and promoting
the fundamental elements of the formation of every human being
and civilization: art, culture, sport and contact with nature which constitute the true richness of life, on a path towards a Renaissance  of childhood.

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