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Labeling Check

Alkam's Labeling Check is the service dedicated to you for a 360° check of your labels.

In detail, we analyze:

  • Optimization of the format with respect to printing

  • Color optimization 

  • Quantity versus number of variants

The goal isreduce costs through parameter optimization.

Alkam's Labeling Check Service

Labels must be produced effectively, so as to perform their function in the best possible way and be useful in any condition.

Some of themost common errors in the design and construction phase risk compromising the work carried out.

What are these errors?


One of the most widespread errors is without a doubt do not consider the usage environment.

Designing the label immediately having in mind where it will be applied and the environment in which it will remain is essential for choose the most suitable materials e to carry out correct product tests.

In fact the testing phase is one of the most important: you can have the best label on the market, but if you don't test it in an environment identical to that of end use, you can never be certain of the real behavior of the label once applied.

Another mistake that is often made, always in the design phase, isdo not have a sample of the material on which the label will be printed.

In general, to produce a label that is truly effective it is necessary to work directly on the material and the final application surface, so as not to have any surprises


​The last very widespread error is that ofdesign the graphics without thinking about the implementation part.


Making a beautiful label by looking at the colors on the screen and working with excessive zoom leads toregistration difficulties during production and to possible discrepancies or possible chromatic differences between what is imagined and what is possible to create.

Through the Labeling Check Service, Alkam allows you tooptimize your labels for free, both from an economic point of view and from a technical point of view.


Send us the file and sample of the label in question without any obligation, then indicate:

  • How many labels do you print per order?

  • What is the annual estimate?

  • How many variations do you print? And with the same format and material?

  • Are they overprinted? If yes, with what technology?


Through the experience and know-how gained over the years Alkam has developed this control service, going tooptimize every single point of your labels accordingly, such as the materials used, the quantities produced, the stocks in the warehouse, the files, etc.

In detail:

  • Verify that the printout matches the files

  • Check for commonalities between variations

  • Check format optimization

  • It offers you the possibility of staggered deliveries

  • It offers you, for the same size or colour, a single price (digit)

Use our service to avoid unpleasant surprises. We can proofread your print files, so you can be sure ofobtain an optimal printing result

Fill out the form on the side to carry out your Labeling Check without any obligation.

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