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Secure Label Change

We define ourselves as "problem solvers": the packaging or the application of labels always cause unexpected events, but in 30 years of experience we have learned to manage them in the best possible way so as to never leave you stranded.  

Request secure exchange

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AfterLabeling Check, Alkam offers you the Secure Exchange service, which allows you to carry out, without any application difficulty, a safe label change, thanks to preliminary printing runs and tests included in the supply.

This way you avoid discrepancies that can cause confusion for operators and customers.

In this way,we guarantee production continuity reducing to zero the possibility of printing or application errors that block your production and logistics.

Alkam's Secure Exchange Service

Often, when a company chooses to renew its label or change supplier, numerous considerations need to be made in this regard.

This operation occurs for a variety of reasons:a corporate rebranding, a product restyling or simply a new marketing campaign.

Changing the label means radically changing the communication of your products. This can almost always be a necessary and inevitable choice, as the market changes quickly and is necessaryalways be ready.

How does this guarantee work?

In order to carry out a safe change of your labels, we carry out a Labeling Check from a technical point of view.

If you want to make a change in the label of your products it is necessaryrely on a tailor-made design, studied in detail for your needs.


Precisely for this reason you can choose the method that we at Alkam have designed to meet your needs.

With our method you will be able to create a new label without having to worry about making mistakes.

Fill out the form on the side if you want to make your appointment for the Safe Exchange or if you want to receive more information.

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