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Our certifications

Alkam respects all quality standards in the execution of production processes.

Monitoring, safety, compliance with standards, attention to the environment and the achievement of certificationsthey are the basis of all our quality controls because we want to offer the best possible service to our customers.


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FSC Chain of Custody®

FSC certified companies   they are the only ones that can use the FSC brand   and promote products as certified.

Printed products and packaging can be sold as FSC  only if made and labeled respecting all the requirements of the Chain of Custody Certification.

The choice to employecological and sustainable materials in label printing it has a clear and precise message: respect and attention for the environment, for the people involved and for the future.

Achieving FSC certification   is the natural consequence of the corporate culture thatAlkamhas expressed over the years.



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ISO 9001 certification

Behind this acronym there is a particular way ofproduce, work, be a company.


At the basis of this specification is thecustomer satisfaction: all the behaviors and rules imposed by the Quality Certification go in this direction.

Through compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards, Alkam guarantees control of all company processes and compliance with environmental requirements for the design, production and printing of labels.

If you are interested in consulting the FSC chain of custody policy,  write an email to Gianluca Anelli (, Chief Technical Officer of our company.


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